Eid Ladies Dresses Collection by Nadia Azwer 2012

Eid Ladies Dresses Collection by Nadia Azwer 2012

Nida Azwer is a famous fashion designer of the fashion industry of Pakistan. She has been working in the field of fashion designing for many years.

The dresses by Nida Azwer have been so much stunning as they have superb cuts and nice fitting. The color scheme is also so superb. The shirts have been made according to the Angarkha style. The shirts can be worn with the beautiful choridar pajamas.

She launched her own label in 2005. She is an educated and talented fashion designer. She graduated from Indus valley school of art and architecture. Nida Azwer works and makes the luxury dresses for the women. Her main works contains the pret wears, haute and bridal dresses. All tasks are done so nicely as she has been so much popular and famous among the women and the girls. Her fame has been increasing as her work is getting versatile with the growing fashion and modern styles. She is popular all across the country and also being famous abroad. Her work shows a nice view of the tradition and culture of the eastern fashion and sub continent. She has her own studios where the collections are displayed. Her studios are in Lahore, Karachi and Faisalabad.

Here are some of the images of the beautiful and dazzling dresses of the whole collection has been given. Have a look on them and see them as they can be used by you on the day of Eid and they can rightly turn your Eid into a joyous and happy event. The exhibition of this collection has been over but you need not to be worried as you can get the complete information and description about the latest eid collection for the womenby Nida Azwer. Just log onto the official website or face book fan page. You may get the dresses via online. For this purpose order your address on the email given below.

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